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Hotel work desk

Guest experience and guest security are critical to your success. We offer solutions that improve both while cutting your cost and increasing your control. We can provide:

Guest Wifi

  • Achieve “Best-in-class”, 802.11ax Wave 2 wireless with gigabit throughput

  • Multi-user MIMO architecture to support multiple client devices simultaneously

  • Enterprise grade security and authentication

  • Layer 7 traffic shaping to easily throttle, block, or prioritize applications and prevent bandwidth hogs

Location Analytics

Built-in location analytics let you easily gauge guest foot traffic, dwell time, and repeat visits across hotel properties or within specific areas inside buildings.

   Quickly answer questions like:

  • How many guests use your fitness facilities on a daily basis?

  • How long did guests spend at the lobby bar this past week, and how many spent over an hour at the hotel restaurant last Thursday?

  • How many guests return to the same property on a weekly basis and should be targeted for VIP offers or promotions?

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